2017 Pediatric Nurses Week

Thank you for Participating in Pediatric Nurses Week

The mission of this week is to promote pediatric nursing, the practice of nurses dedicated to promoting the optimal health of children and providing excellence in nursing care of children and their families. This week calls attention the critical work that pediatric nurses provide to improve healthcare delivery. It is a time to reflect on the contributions pediatric nurses make to patients, families, and communities.

Social Media Photo Contest

Submit photos for this year's Social Media Photo Contest to info@pedsnurses.org

Congratulations to the winner of the 2017 Pediatric Nurses Week Social Media Photo Contest: Children's Hospital New Orleans. Check out their below, and make sure to visit Facebook to see additional pictures from this year's celebrations all over the country!

Children's Hospital New Orleans

2017 Winner


Student Nurses at UC Davis   
2016 Co-Winner


Pediatric ICU at Cedars-Sinai   
2016 Co-Winner

Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Nurses_20161006_004 (1).jpg

Riverside University Health System   

2015 Winner  

Riverside University Health System (1).JPG

Citrus Valley Medical Center

2015 Runner-Up

Citrus Valley (1).jpg