Plug In and Grow Discussion Forum

SPN has created this Discussion Forum resource for the pediatric nursing community to serve as a source of mutual discussion and support. This discussion forum is open to anyone who is accessing the Plug In and Grow virtual education, regardless of membership in SPN (non-members must create a guest account to log in). Please share your thoughts about the education you’re taking advantage of, and feel free to ask questions of one another as you navigate through this content.


Our session speakers will also be moderating questions related to their content; promoting insightful discussion related to questions such as:  


"What barriers or challenges, such as unconscious biases, would need to be overcome to successfully implement a nursing diversity workforce initiative?  What opportunities currently exist in your organization related to inclusion and diversity?"

"If your organization has a nurse residency program, how do nursing leaders re-connect with program graduates one year, or more, after completing the program?  How is retention/turnover data captured for nurse resident graduates?"


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Thank you to the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) for sponsoring the SPN Plug In and Grow Virtual Education