Education Bundle

Total Credit Information: 3.40 Total Contact Hours


Growing Clinical Nurses into Bedside Leaders: Keeping High Performing Clinical Nurses at the Bedside Through the Implementation of a Clinical Nurse Leadership Academy

Kelly Elrod, Children's Mercy; Paula Blizzard, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Children's Mercy

Credit Information: 0.50 Contact Hours

Developing and utilizing the talents of high-performing clinical nurses is important in retaining them in direct patient care roles. This session will discuss how the development and implementation of a Clinical Nurse Leadership Academy cultivates leadership skills in clinical nurses that empowers them to lead while remaining at the bedside.


How to Trach Care of Me: Tools for Community Healthcare

Julie Van Orne, Clinical Nurse Leader, Cook Children's Medical Center; Kaylan Branson, Cook Children's Medical Center; Leigh A Campbell, Clinical Education Coordinator

Credit Information: 0.80 Contact Hours

A continuing education course for home health nurses was created to enhance their knowledge regarding the care of pediatric medically-complex children in the home specifically regarding care of a tracheostomy, emergency scenarios, therapy considerations, and collaboration with family and caregivers in the home environment.


Doing Clinicals Differently: An Innovative Collaboration between a Freestanding Children’s Hospital and an Academic University using a Dedicated Education Unit to Increase Pediatric Acute Care Clinical Experience

Jennifer Mutascio, MSN, RN, CNML, CPN, Phoenix Children's Hospital; Leslie Barnum MSN, RN, Arizona State University

Credit Information: 0.70 Contact Hours

How can we better prepare pre-licensure student nurses to work in pediatrics after graduation? This session will describe the process of developing and implementing a dedicated education unit and an additional clinical elective course to enhance exposure and experience in the acute care pediatric setting.


Learning Outcomes Using the Lens of Art in a Clinical Nursing Course: Strategies to Enhance Caring of Children and Families

Maureen P. Tippen, RN, C, MS, University of Michigan-Flint 

Credit Information: 0.40 Contact Hours

Much of what we do in nursing education focuses on learning the “science of nursing.” A call for greater creativity and innovation in teaching has unlimited possibilities. ‘The Art of Nursing Creative Project” has been embedded into a pediatric clinical course resulting in gained knowledge & positive learning outcomes offering a powerful tool for transformative learning.


Developing Behavioral Health Competencies: An Innovative Education Program to Improve Nursing Care for Pediatric Patient’s in Psychiatric Crisis Admitted to an Acute Care Medical Unit

Bobbie I Hildreth, BSN, RN, CPN, Doernbecher Children's Hospital at Oregon Health and Science University; Molly Moran, Doernbecher Children's Hospital at Oregon Health and Science University

Credit Information: 1.00 Contact Hours

Share an innovative approach to assisting nurses in developing new skills and competencies to improve nursing care delivered to pediatric patients experiencing psychiatric crisis admitted to an acute care medical floor.


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