SPN Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SPN's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can further your involvement in SPN and expand your career network. SIGs offer opportunities to increase your leadership skills, help plan targeted educational offerings, and simply meet other SPN members with similar interests, areas of specialization or practice settings. SIGs are open to any active member of SPN.

Ambulatory SIG

Ambulatory SIG Mission Statement
The Ambulatory special interest group will work collaboratively to advance the quality and impact of ambulatory nursing on our pediatric patients.
Ambulatory SIG Vision
Through collaboration, research, quality work and developing evidence based practices we will advance the practice of pediatric nursing throughout ambulatory care settings. We will help develop innovative ways to coordinate care through the patients journey whether acute or chronic in nature. Together we will work to keep pediatric patient functioning at their optimal level of health through improved processes and workflows throughout ambulatory care areas. We will publish and share nursing quality work related to ambulatory settings to help train the next generation of pediatric ambulatory nurses. Ambulatory care is the future of medicine and this is the chance for our pediatric nurses to lead it.

Clinical Nurse Specialist SIG

The purpose of this SIG will be to engage the SPN membership through activities and education pertaining to the CE and CNS. We will be sending a survey to gather information about general responsibilities and topics of interest to benefit these roles. In addition, we are looking for any SPN members who are passionate about these roles and who are interested in becoming involved in this group.
Members of the SIG will collaborate to develop at least two projects over the course of the year. These projects could include education through development of a webinar, fact sheet, or newsletter article. We plan to hold virtual meetings, monthly, starting in April. Ashley will also be attending the 2016 Conference and would like to hold an in person meeting at that time.

Developmental, Behavioral, and Mental Health SIG

The mission of the DBMH SIG is to collaborate with SPN leaders and members and other stakeholders for the purpose of educating SPN members as to best practices, trends, and current issues related to the care of children with developmental, behavioral, and mental health challenges as well as share content with members that promotes evidence-based developmentally appropriate pediatric nursing practice in all settings.
The objectives of the SIG are:
1.To educate SPN membership as to the care of children and families with DBMH challenges.
2. To utilize multiple options for content delivery to enhance educational opportunity and effectiveness.
3.To capitalize on the range of expertise exhibited by DBMH SIG members

Education Specialist SIG

The Education Specialist SIG will delineate the commitment, integrity, leadership skills, lifelong attainment of knowledge and excellence in for education specialists in the field of pediatrics.
Furthermore, the Education Specialist SIG will discern the mission and vison for pediatric education specialists and identify key innovation

Quality Improvement / Patient Safety SIG

If you are interested in joining a SIG, please contact the SPN Executive Office at info@pedsnurses.org, or call us at 312.321.5154