Chapter Development & Support Committee 

This committee helps identify the needs of chapters, makes recommendations to the Board for chartering new chapters, and recommends policies and procedures relating to chapters. 

DeAnne Ellis, Chair
Cherie McCann (SPN Board liaison)   Kari Wheeler, SE Representative
Ruth Schumacher, Mid-Central Representative   Laura Tassin, West Coast Representative

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Clinical Practice and Research Committee

This committee develops the content for various projects as charged by the Board of Directors, and reviews abstracts for the SPN Annual Conference. 

Judy Ascenzi, Chair Darlene Acorda, Chair Elect
Sara Culling Christy Solorio
Beth Fisher Shirley Wiggins
Sandra Glenn-Vernon Lori Williams
Mary Gordon Olivia Williamson
Mary Laurette Hughes Julie Van Orne
Andrea Correia (SPN Board liaison) 

Program Planning Committee

This committee develops educational content for SPN’s Annual Conference. Members of the committee support the American Nursing Credentialing Center-Commission on Accreditation (ANCC-COA) guidelines and work in collaboration with the Director of Programs.

Kathleen Monforto, Chair  Lisa Robinson, Chair Elect
Nicole Smith Lori Williams
Daniel Marx Jennifer Mahieu
Gayla Goleman (SPN Board liaison)  Tina Spagnola  (SPN Director of Programs)


Nominating Committee

This committee is the only SPN committee with elected members. Committee members are responsible for recruiting eligible candidates for the annual election. Self-nomination to be considered a candidate for the committee is encouraged.

Michele Habich, Chair Rebecca Johnson
Michele Mendes Laura Kubin
Kim Peterson (SPN Board liaison) 

Download the SPN Leadership Competencies developed by the SPN Nominating Committee, to learn more about the competencies SPN aims to have represented on the Board. 

Educational Products and Services Committee

This committee facilitates and creates activities, products and services that addresses the educational needs of SPN members and pediatric nurses.

Pam Hutchinson, Chair  Natasha Zurcher, Chair Elect
Ruth Paul Roger Rholodon
Ann Spence (SPN Board liaison)  Tina Spagnola  (SPN Director of Programs)
Kari Powers Roger Rholodon

Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Committee

This committee provides oversight of pediatric health policy requests, issues and advocacy to educate and keep members up to date on current issues.  

Nikki Fogg, Chair Michelle Cole 
Michaela Lewis, SPN Board Liaison                   

Awards Task Force

This task force reviews all award applications and nominations and selects the recipients. 

Kay Cowen Marissa Lemley Brown
Morgan Watson Cindy Dixon
Ryan Greene Jodi McWhirter 
LaDonna Northington (SPN Board liaison) 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

This task force educates larger pediatric nursing communities about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Asma Taha, Chair

Anastasia Brennan
Megan Dorrington Jennifer Stephen
Victoria Stamp Angela Green
Kathy Van Allen (SPN Board Liaison)